Here are the projects I have done both in and out of university as well as the projects I am working on right now.



SpellCraft was done during my second year in the university using Unity. I created the spell system where the player can mix the elements to create different spells. The player has an inventory to hold these elements with a loadout as well as items that boost their stats. The dungeon is ever-changing with random enemies and layouts for every floor. During this project, I learned about the top-down controller, Unity animation system and spatial GUI.

Wild guns reloaded Design test 


This project was part of my third-year course work inside of Unreal Engine 4. The task was to create a prototype design test on Wild Guns Reloaded. I developed a third-person shooter game with the iconic cowboy theme and a giant robot boss at the end of the stage. I built an enemy wave system as well as a dodge roll system for the player. During this project, I become more proficient in using animation blueprint, aim offset, montages and notifier while working on the player's character, the different enemies and the boss.


 Untitled fps game 


I made this game during the summer as my personal project where I experimented with different coding methods in Unity like interfaces and scriptable objects. In this game, the player has four powers to choose (Coin Toss, Knife Throw, Chain Pull and Dash) before starting. The player will find different attachments for their weapon and build the ultimate weapon throughout the game. I gained a deeper understanding of first-person controllers, raycasting and creating my own 3D assets in Blender throughout the project.


 Sunken Lost booty 

This game was for the Global Games Jam 2021 with the "Lost and Found" theme. Me and two others made a local coop pirate game in unity where you and another player work together to find and hook the treasure from the ocean while fighting other pirates and repairing your ship. The game can be controlled using both keyboard and controller. I was responsible for the game's mechanic, GUI and majority of the pixel art. My ability to set up and use source control improved as this project was done under the social distancing guidance. 


Pinball Game (ongoing) 


This project is my final year project at university using Unity. It is a pinball game that mixes with the shooter genre. The player can shoot with their weapon of choice at the enemy or the interactable on the playing field. My goal is to create a unique pinball game that wouldn't be possible to create physically and demonstrate my skills as a technical designer using Unity and my growth as a C# programmer over the past three years in the university. This project will be completed by April.

Collaborative project-Stonk 

This project was created alongside a group of 20 people for the Collaborative Game Project at Staffordshire University during year two of my course inside of Unreal Engine 4. The game was about an alien trying to find space ship parts to escape the supermarket while trying to avoid the guard's detection. My role was a junior tech and I worked on the missions items like the seesaw which launches a vault into the acid vat and gives the player an objective item. I also created the power-ups for the player like the milk which allow the player to pick objects up and the fan which pushes objects away. I learned to use source control while also communicating remotely with the other team members. 


REvealing The hidden world 


This game was made alongside three other people in Unity in just under two days during the Ukie Games Jam. The theme was Diversity and Inclusivity. We created this 3D platforming puzzle game that lets the player give away their power to others while changing the level by doing so. For example, by giving away the ability to jump the player activates a series of jump pads throughout the level - providing an alternate and arguably easier means of navigation. My role was the technical designer where I helped with mechanics like the jump pad and the followers. I also created the particle effect in the game as well as helping to migrate the art asset into the game. My ability to migrate asset into unity and working with the artist developed further.  


 Tank and impact 


Tank And Impact was my other second-year project in the university using the Unreal Engine 4. The game consists of six different game modes (Team Death Match, Capture The Point, Gems Collect, Escort The Payload, Capture The Flag and Warpath) with two maps. The player can choose from four different classes (Bruiser, Scout, Engineer and Support) and each one has two unique abilities. The game can also be played with four players locally with four controllers or single-player with AI tanks. I grasped the significance of the game instance as well as how to utilise game modes and local multiplayer in Unreal Engine 4.

 Other projects 

These are some of the smaller projects that I have done which are experimental or just for fun


This was an experimental project where I try to recreate The Divisions cover system inside of Unreal Engine 4. Having the player running alongside the wall while blending with the shoot animation on the top half of the body. I learned about the animation blueprint while working on this project.


This is a little top-down shooter made in Unity where I experimented with a gamepad and keyboard controls using Unity's new input system. The game's level layout constantly changes and its the player's objective to survive for as long as they can. The enemies spawn point can also be pushed around which is another unique mechanic in the game. This game is still work in progress.