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kraken awakes

Sniper Elite 5 DLC-
Kraken awakes mission

The Kraken Awakes mission is the first DLC for Sniper Elite 5 where Karl is tasked to destroy the advanced aircraft carrier which is part of Project Kraken. I was responsible for the main objective design and setup, mainly Vogel who is the primary target that patrols around the carrier. I also worked on the level design of the carrier interior as well as the area around the drydock. The goal was to give the player a sense of a map inside of a map with the carrier and its close-quarter combat after they made their way through the open drydock.

landing force

Sniper Elite 5 DLC-
landing force mission

The Landing Force mission is the first DLC for Sniper Elite 5 where Karl is tasked to destroy the two big guns on an island off the coast of southern France and shutdown the lighthouse to signal the allies to commence Operation Dragoon. My task was to design a map where the player has multiple approaches to an area and methods to complete the objectives. We wanted to emphasise the stealth mechanics of the game through the use of cover, hiding grass and enemy patrols.

pinball with gun

Pinball With gun

This project is my final year project at university using Unity. It is a pinball game that mixes with the shooter genre with a heist theme. The ball can shoot with their weapon of choice at the enemy or hit interactable on the playing field while completing tasks like drilling into a vault in a bank. My goal was to create a unique pinball game that wouldn't be possible to create physically and demonstrate my skills as a technical designer using Unity and my growth as a C# programmer over the past three years in the university.

psx project

Untitled PSX Project

This is a work-in-progress personal project FPS shooter using a PSX shader, with a time manipulation mechanic where bullets can be recalled back into the chamber and rewinds the state of the object it's attached to. Time can also be stopped and resumed as the player sets up different shots against the various enemies like the spider, shielded enemy and a sniper with a grapple.

It is also a testing ground for me to try things out like the inverse kinematics system driving the creature's animation and other systems like the shader graph and the VFX graph in unity.

tidy assassin

The Tidy assassin

I participated in the GMTK Game Jam 2023 where I had 48 hours to create a game with the theme of roles reversed. My idea was to have the role reversed be part of the main mechanic of the game. In this case, the player needs to kill all the enemies and clean up the place under a time limit. The more lethal the chosen weapon is, the more mess the player would make.

Play in the browser:

Untilted FPS Game

Untitled fps game

I made this game during the summer as my personal project where I experimented with different coding methods in Unity like interfaces and scriptable objects. In this game, the player has four powers to choose (Coin Toss, Knife Throw, Chain Pull and Dash) before starting. The player will find different attachments for their weapon and build the ultimate weapon throughout the game. I gained a deeper understanding of first-person controllers, raycasting and creating my own 3D assets in Blender throughout the project.

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