Michael ma

Technical game designer




Hi, I'm Michael Ma, a Junior Techinical Designer working at Flix Interactive

Gaming and game development are both daily passions with the former inspiring my designs for the latter.


Sniper Elite 5 DLC -

Landing Force Mission 

This was the first DLC mission for Sniper Elite 5 and it was awesome to work on. I contributed throughout the level design process, including setting up objective logic and enemy patrols. I also worked closely with the environmental artists and the QA department on level iteration.

University Projects


Pinball With Gun

A game that mixes the pinball genre with the shooting genre with a heist theme. Shoot at enemies with the ball with different weapons while heisting a convenience store or stealing an alien sample from the government's secret lab or heisting a bank!  

Made In: Unity

Time Frame: 1 Year

Team Size: Solo


Wild Guns Reloaded

Design Test

This project was to expand and reimagine the wild guns game while keeping the iconic elements. I remade the game as a third-person shooter with a dodge roll system and an animation aim offset for the player.

Made In: Unreal Engine 4

Time Frame: 3 Months

Team Size: Solo

Personal Projects & Prototypes


Untitled FPS Game

A first-person shooter with four abilities to choose from and a handful to attachments to find to use while defeating the enemies scattered throughout the level.

Made In: Unity

Time Frame: 3 Months

Team Size: Solo


Twin Stick Arcade Game

A work in progress twin-stick shooter where the player stays in the same room but the layout of the room changes constantly. The player's goal is to survive as long as they can and achieve the highest score possible.

Made In: Unity

Time Frame: 1 Month

Team Size: Solo