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Michael ma

Technical game designer



Hi, I'm Michael Ma, a Technical Designer working at Flix Interactive

Gaming and game development are both daily passions with the former inspiring my designs for the latter.

Home Project

Sniper Elite 5 DLC -

Kraken Awakes

This 4th DLC mission for Sniper Elite 5 brings the Sniper Elite 5 story to a close. I was tasked with the main objective setup and level design including the primary target Vogel and his patrol around the carrier with multiple ways of eliminating him.


Sniper Elite 5 DLC -

Landing Force Mission 

This is the first DLC mission for Sniper Elite 5 and it was awesome to work on. I contributed throughout the level design process, including setting up objective logic and enemy patrols. I also worked closely with the environmental artists and the QA department on level iteration.

University Projects


Pinball With Gun

A game that mixes the pinball genre with the shooting genre with a heist theme. Shoot at enemies with the ball with different weapons while heisting a convenience store or stealing an alien sample from the government's secret lab or heisting a bank!  

Made In: Unity

Time Frame: 1 Year

Team Size: Solo

Personal Projects

psx gameplay edited.gif

Untitled FPS Game

An fps game with a time manipulation mechanic where bullets can be recalled back into the chamber and rewind the state of the object it is attached to. Time can also be stopped and resumed as the player sets up different shots against the various enemies like the spider, shielded enemy and a sniper with a grapple.

Made In: Unity

Time Frame: Ongoing

Team Size: Solo

twitter gameplay edited.gif

The Tidy Assassin

- GMTK Jam 2023

My entry for the GMTK Game Jam 2023 with the role reversed theme. You play as the assassin who is tasked with both killing and cleaning with different weapons across four different stages.

Play in the browser:

Made In: Unity

Time Frame: 2 days

Team Size: Solo

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